This is the book you have all been waiting for! 

This would be the perfect birthday present and gift for that very special person.

This Is Your Life will provide an exciting experience for everyone!

This will be a great achievement for your love ones, and one that most people only wish they had done. Help them take this wonderful, fulfilling step and be one of the few people that have actually completed this goal in their life time.


• A Life Time Challenge; but it can be done in JUST One Hour.
• Encourage them to: Acknowledge their Accomplishments.
• It’s easy and it’s FUN.

Give that special person this book for Christmas, and they can take one hour and have their life’s history recorded for the whole family forever.

This Is Your Life has fun cartoon illustrations to also help teach how to do your family tree and your genealogy. It will be the perfect present the whole family will benefit from forever!

Douglas McCoy Recreation King

Douglas McCoy, the author that makes reading fun for us recommends to give it to all your family and friends. Included free is your handbook on How to Do Your Family Tree:

  • You will be recording and creating history: your family’s history.
  •  This book will show you the simplest way to do your genealogy.
  • WOW: Record Your Family Tree and Your Life’s History.
  • What a Wonderful Gift – Why not do it Now?
  • The Gift for all The Family – They will see you are interested in them.
  • We all have “A Story” to tell – This Gift is a Complement in itself.
  • So why not let “The Story” be told and Recorded Forever.

A Perfect Gift for All the Family.

Let them Record Their History Today!


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